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Ric Swift - Senior Instructor:
UK Wildlife Film School:

Ric Swift is the Managing Director of the UK Wildlife Film School, now in its 10th year, an accomplished freelance television cameraman; and also a member of the Guild of Television Cameramen and The International Association of Wildlife Cameramen.

He has 12 years military background including serving with UK Special Forces. Since leaving the Army, Ric has worked as a freelance television camera operator for such establishments as The BBC, Meridian TV, Rapture TV, Granada, Sky TV and other major European broadcasters, plus corporate clients such as Animal UK, The British Government and The Ministry of Defence. He also works as an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor in hill walking, rock climbing, navigation, white water kayaking, canoeing, sailing and first aid.

The fact that Ric is ex-military does not mean that you will be running up and down hills until you collapse! What it does mean however, is that you will be in safe hands when it comes to navigating on the hill, camp-craft and the ability to cope in remote environments. His wealth of experience means there is nobody better to instruct in field-craft techniques; whilst his knowledge of the wildlife and their habitats means you'll have no trouble tracking and finding those often elusive animals.


Charina Cruz – CEO:
Anda African Adventure.

Charina is the Chief Experience Officer of ANDA African Adventure. She’s travelled to over 50 countries and brings a wealth of knowledge to what makes a truly remarkable travel experience. Having lived and worked in 6 continents, Anda is the culmination of all her passions: Adventure, travel, community development, positive social impact and life changing experiences.
Between volunteering in Africa, fulfilling her childhood dreams of going to the Serengeti and reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro – She found Purpose in Tanzania and loves to share what this amazing country has to offer. Her fellow directors are an Environmental Engineer and a Forester. Together, their desire to provide responsible tourism is at the forefront of all the Bucket list experiences that Anda offers. Making ANDA a social enterprise that gives back to the community furthers Anda’s mission of “Adventures with Purpose”

Christine Jengo – Client Services Manager:
Anda African Adventure.

Christine is a Tour Guide, Problem Fixer, Logistics, Customer Service extraordinaire (and even a Jeweller). Her title does not reflect that amazing work that she does; making sure that clients have the best experience possible. She truly enjoys meeting and connecting with people and helpful to everyone.

She also loves to volunteer in the community and mentors children and young women. She’s genuinely friendly, kind, charming and knowledgeable. Ask her about Tanzanites and she can tell you all what makes them special. Always with a smile on her face, Christine is the woman that will make whatever you need to happen.

Omari – Wildlife Guide Expert:
Anda African Adventure.

Omari has over 10 years of experience as a professional tour guide and mechanic. He loves his job because he likes learning and discovering things all the time. On a safari no day is ever the same, it is always a new adventure. He enjoys everything in nature including the flora and fauna and strives to constantly learn about all the different species and types that exist.

He enjoys sharing funny yet informative and educational stories. He will regale you with enough facts, myths and stories about animals that will keep you entertained and laughing throughout your whole time with us. You will learn about the patterns and movements of the wildebeest, the characteristics of lions and how funny hippos can be. Omari has eagle eyes and can spot even the most elusive animal from far far away.