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The lens is the most important part of your camera and filming wildlife requires a larger and longer array of practical lenses than normal film work.

The UK Wildlife Film School are very proud to announce that Fujifilm are sponsoring some of their Fujinon cinema lenses for you to use on our wildlife film courses. Fujifilm have been in the film business for decades, and as a result their lenses are among some of the best in world. Coupling this with the fact we are filming in 4K, the camera set-up now available will give you the opportunity to film some truly impressive images.

This support from Fujifilm allows us to offer you the opportunity to film with this incredible equipment without an increase to your course fees.

We will be using the Fujinon ZK12x25 (25-300mm) and ZK4.7x19 (19-90mm) Cabrio lenses. Both of these lenses offer superb optical performance, resolving beyond 4K, plus all the advantages a true cinema lens offers - manual aperture, geared rings and a long focus throw. The 19-90mm comes fitted with a servo unit for a super smooth zoom and further ease of use.

Our courses use lenses from ultra wide 14mm all the way to ultra long 800mm and further, and all resolve to 4K resolution and beyond. With a carefully picked selection from some of the top brands, your films will be of the highest image quality possible.

We will be using both prime lenses (fixed focal length) and zoom lenses. Primes are smaller, lighter, optically superior (sharper) and faster (better in low light). Despite being larger and heavier, zooms are often more convenient, portable and flexible. You may choose to take one or two zooms with you out into the field rather than half a dozen primes! With a large selection of lenses you can choose whatever works best for you.

Also included in our range of lenses, we will be using custom Zeiss cinema primes and Canon super-telephoto lenses, plus x1.4 and x2.0 extenders for maximum reach with the super-telephotos.