Base Camp



Food is purchased as a group at the beginning of each course.

Due to the dietary requirements of individual students (vegetarian, vegan, allergies etc) it has proved extremely difficult to supply food for our courses as a bulk item that will then be cooked as a single main meal and divided out between the students and staff attending the course.
We have therefore decided that it would better if we purchased all the food we need at the start of your course, using a food kitty that each student equally contributes to.

You do not have to carry any food with you to the initial meeting point at the start of your course as we will have our initial meeting point in a location suitable enough for everyone to buy food supplies. We have learned through experience that you will need approximately £10 for food for each day of your course. Please bring this in cash with you at the beginning of your course, plus extra should you wish to buy any 'individual' food you might want.

Cooking utensils

For your convenience, and ease of packing etc. we will supply you with all the cooking and eating implements you will need throughout your course.
There is no need for you to bring such items as eating plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon and drinking mug.