General enquiry´s & Booking form

The form below is both a general enquiry´s form and a booking form. By filling in this form you are not making a course booking; merely making an enquiry about a course.
However, should you wish to book on a course with us, please also fill out the form below.

The completion of this form does not guarantee your place on a course; this is simply a course inquiry form and the first part of the booking process. You will also be required to complete, sign and return a Pre-course Medical Questionnaire, and our Terms & Conditions of Booking and pay the course fee in full before you place is fully secured.

Please Note - All courses are filled on a ´first come, first served´ basis, so you need to book as early as you can to avoid missing out on the course. Each course is strictly limited to just 8 students.

More information on the booking process can be found here.
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And finally - Tell us a bit about yourself!
This information does not limit you in any way, it's simply so we can get an idea of what background you have so that we can tailor your experience enabling you to get the most out your course.

Don´t forget to include -
° What´s your interest in filming and/or wildlife?
° Have you previously attended any wildlife film courses and if so, when and where?
° What do you hope to do as your chosen career path?
° What camping / bush experience do you have?

Thank you for your time.