Base Camp



We provide all of the equipment you will need on all of our courses, apart from personal clothing. For details, see below.

We supply

You need to bring with you

Camp Equipment

One provided for each student
  • 2-person tent (one each). Please DO NOT bring your own tent.
  • 65Ltr backpack. This is for colour uniformity of the group. Too many colours may spook the wildlife.
  • Sleeping mattress . We are supplying these as they are big and bulky, so awkward when carrying on a flight.
  • Gas Stove. Please DO NOT bring your own gas stove. For insurance reasons, we must supply our own for the purpose of health and safety.
  • Environmentally neutral soap. Please DO NOT bring your own soap, shampoo etc as it is very polluting to the environment.
  • Expedition compass
  • Mountain safety whistle
  • Eating plate, mug, bowl, knife fork and spoon.

  • Shared between the group
  • Group sized base-camp tents
  • Camouflaged hides
  • Portable generator for power
  • All other necessary hygiene/toiletry products such as water purification equipment and toilet paper

Camera Equipment

  • 4K cameras
  • HD cameras and DSLR still cameras
  • All necessary production kit such as tripods, rigs etc
  • Plentiful supply of batteries and media cards
  • A selection of high quality lenses
  • Audio recording field kit
  • 4K editing laptop and storage
  • Good quality walking boots. They don't have to be leather being waterproof would be an advantage.
  • Good quality waterproof/windproof jacket and trousers. (These are mandatory for your own safety and comfort)
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Personal clothing (See the Clothing page for details)
  • Swim suit (for washing and bathing in)
  • LED Head torch plus spare batteries
  • 1Ltr Sigg water bottle (or equivalent)
  • Basic toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush etc. DO NOT bring things like a hairdryer as there is nowhere to plug it in!
  • Lightweight, fast drying travel towel
  • USB stick or memory card (4GB+). This is to take home a copy of your film on.
    PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to buy this USB stick or memory card on location.

Additional Notes

  • Please do not bring or wear any 'bright coloured' clothing as this can spook the wildlife. The best colours are dark or natural colours. It is not advised that you bring military camouflaged clothing, as you do not wish to look like a member of an army, or poacher..