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Below are some questions we think you should seriously concider before booking on a wildlife film course with anyone, anywhere.

Does your wildlife film course...
1. Supply you with broadcast quality cameras to film with ?
2. Supply you with the latest Sony 4k cameras to film with ?
3. Supply you with all of the production equipment necessary to produce a wildlife film, so you can attend your course without having to actually buy any of this equipment yourself first ?
4. Supply one camera for every two students ?
5. Supply one instructor per camera ?
6. Supply you with the latest mobile 4k editing facilities so you can edit your 4k footage out on location ?
7. Film in remote locations whilst operating out of a fully equipped base-camp ?
8. Supply you with all of the camp equipment necessary to operate from this base-camp out on location ?
9. Spend every day of your wildlife film course working and filming out on location ?
10. Actually last long enough for you to be able to film, edit and produce a short wildlife film, and not just run for 2 or 3 days ?
11. Actually film ´Real Wildlife´ - that is roaming freely within its own natural environment, as appose to filming animals that are ´kept´ in Fenced pens or Enclosed areas whilst you're being told by your instructors that you are filming wildlife ?
12. Ask yourself again... Are you actually filming ´Real Wildlife´ ?

If you have answered ´No´ to any of the questions above, you really must ask yourself   “why are you going on this film course”  when you come on a Wildlife Film Course with the UK Wildlife Film School; every answer to all the questions above, will become a YES !

To attend one of our courses, please read the information below so you fully understand the timescales involved with the booking process and what is required of you.

Please also ensure you have read the Itinerary and the Base Camp pages, detailing what equipment you must and must not bring, plus information on the course schedule, choice of clothing and the food arrangements.

General conditions and further information can be found on the More Info page.

Once you've done that, all that's left to do is choose a course and book your place. We look forward to spending time on location in Africa with you!

The Booking Schedule and Process

Courses are limited to only four students per course. All courses are filled on a 'first come, first served' basis, so you need to book as early as you can to avoid missing out on the course.

To book on a course, fill in the booking form and tell us which course you are interested in attending. We will then email you a pre-course questionnaire and a copy of our terms and conditions of booking, along with our banking details (which differ slightly depending on if you live in the UK or overseas).

Once you receive our pre-course questionnaire and terms and conditions of booking you are required to read them, print them out, sign them. scan and email them back to us. It is advisable to email this paperwork quickly, especially if you are returning it within 4 weeks of the closing date of your course.

If you are booking/paying for your course within eight weeks of the start date of your course, you are required to pay the full course fee plus the equipment damage waiver at the time of booking. Once the full payment for your course (including the equipment damage waiver) has cleared the banking system and the paperwork has been completed, signed and returned to us, your place on the course will then be secured. At this point we will send you a receipt. Please allow plenty of time for this process to occur and in some countries it can take up to 21 days.

If you are booking/paying for your course in advance of eight weeks of the start date of your course, you may put down a deposit of 50% and pay the remaining 50% plus the equipment damage waiver before the closing date of your course. Your place will be secured by placing a deposit. The remaining cost (including the equipment damage waiver) and paperwork must be received before the closing date for you to attend the course however.

For more information regarding the equipment damage waiver, please see here.

Should the UK Wildlife Film School need to cancel your course for any reason, you will receive a full refund of all fees you have paid.

All of our courses are payable via UK Cheque, UK Bank Transfer, or International Bank Transfer (IBAN).

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to your course fees or payments.

The Closing Date

The closing deadline to book on a course and complete and return all of the necessary paperwork back to us is at least 8 weeks prior to the start date of the course. For closing dates, please see our Dates page.

All bookings, payments and return of paperwork must be completed before the course closing date. The period between the closing date and the start of that course is for us (The UK Wildlife Film School) to organise and prepare all the necessary camera, base-camp and location equipment, staff and all other necessities required to run your course.

This period is not designed for you to book on a course, pay for your course or for you to complete and return your paperwork. Should you apply after the closing date of the course you will not be able to book or attend that course. In previous years, several people missed out on a course due to attempting to book a course after the closing date. Please don't miss out on attending your course by leaving everything to the last minute!

If you are booking a course from outside of the UK we seriously recommend that you book and pay for course, fill in and return all the necessary pre-course paperwork to us at least 4 weeks in advance of the closing date. This allows ample time for us to receive and process everything before the closing date.