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Why study a Higher National Diploma (HND)
with the UK Wildlife Film School

We are extremely proud to continue to offer our 16 and 24 week, SCQF Level 8 ´Diploma in Wildlife Documentary Film–making´ course built around an 8 week practical section of filming out on location.
The Diploma has been independently assessed and accredited by the Centre for Credit Rating at Napier University in Edinburgh under the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework.

This Diploma means that…
The UK Wildlife Film School is the only independent wildlife film school in the world
offering its students an ´internationally recognized SCQF Level 8 Diploma qualification´

Building strong foundations
So you want to work in wildlife film production, be a wildlife camera operator, or part of a wildlife production team…
and, as we are sure you already know, working in film is an extremely exciting, interesting and fulfilling career. But working for professional film & television production company is still an extremely hard thing to do.
…and then if you want to get into filming `wildlife´ professionally that’s even harder, as only the best succeed !

But when you’re starting out; just how do you do this ?
There is so much more to it than just buying a camera and going out and filming an animal.

The UK Wildlife Film School was originally set up to fill the gap between classroom based film work and working / filming out on location.
This Diploma in Wildlife Documentary Film Making takes that even further by filling the large gap between, undertaking a classroom college or university course (where most of what you do is theoretical) and working and filming real wildlife out on location.

Employers are looking for real hands-on experience and ability. Don’t get us wrong, a degree in film making will go a long way, but what an employer or wildlife producer really needs to be able to see is that you can actually do what is required of you, first time, when it counts.
No employer is going to send you out with a production team if they do not know you can undertake the task required to the specification needed.

Not only is our Diploma in Wildlife Documentary Film Making an internationally recognised qualification (and the only one of its type in the world) but it demonstrates you can undertake the task in hand, and have documented evidence to back this up.

…So if you’re really serious about working in wildlife film, this Diploma has to form part of your learning history.

Jumping through hoops !

So we have agreed you want to work in wildlife film production; and you want to specialise in working and filming in remote regions of the world…
But how on earth do you do it ?

Well firstly you gain a serious amount of hands-on experience filming real wildlife roaming freely in their own environment; then you undertake some form of internationally recognised qualification that will lift you above the abilities of your fellow film makers and make you stand out to a potential employee; and then all you have to do is get a job with a wildlife production company.

Well that’s all very easy isn’t it… No!

So we decided to run our courses to will help you jump though some of those hoops…

Hoop 1:
We will give you more ‘hands-on, practical experience’ filming with professional 4K television production equipment than any other wildlife film course in the world.

Hoop 2:
We will run a practical film course for 8 weeks on location in one of the most remote regions, and teach you how to live and work in these locations; and how to operate the camera and production equipment required to film professionally in those conditions.

Hoop 3:
Finally, we will also teach you how to edit and produce a `broadcast standard´ wildlife documentary / film in 4K whilst out on location.

How’s that for a great start on the ladder to a fantastic career in wildlife film making?
We can guarantee you will not find this kind of wildlife film course, with this standard of 4K broadcast television equipment, offering as much time and experience filming on location; anywhere else in the world !

…And if you’re not already hooked – here’s what you get as part of your course fees

The course will take you through all the stages of -

•  Initial program / script ideas & brainstorming
•  Script writing
•  Production ethics
•  Presenter lead programming
•  Presenters' scripting
•  Animal observation & tracking
•  Operating camera & production equipment
•  Recording sound & audio
•  Filming on location
•  Filming a Presenter on location
•  Video editing on location
•  Audio editing on location
•  Production of final film / documentary
•  All necessary filming logistics necessary

(We will also cover the elements below at various points during the course (Time Permitting))
•  Locating / tracking Animals
•  Map & compass work
•  Navigation overland without a map
•  Successful route planning in wilderness areas
•  Carrying and movement of large film equipment
•  Camp placement & orientation
•  Base camp management
•  Water management & sanitation
•  Emergency procedures & actions

As part of your practical Diploma Course fees we will supply you with:
•  £60,000 of 'in-house' 4K camera equipment
•  £15,000 of location & production equipment
•  £10,000 of 'on location' editing equipment
•  £5,000 of basecamp equipment
•  All staff and instruction for the duration of the course
•  The cost of all filming permits
•  The cost of all location fees
•  The cost of all camping fees
•  Any additional paperwork costs, such as submitting your diploma for accreditation
•  All vehicles and transportation overland required during your course

Your Diploma Course Certificate will be awarded by The UK Wildlife Film School.

To read a breakdown of the Diploma Course syllabus click here

To view a copy of the accreditation certificates awarded to The UK wildlife film school; and the points value for each module as accredited by the Center for Credit Rating Napier University, Edinburgh. click here

Invest in your future…
Invest in your education…
Invest in this “specialist” Diploma in Wildlife Documentary Film-making and get one step ahead of your competition.

This programme is managed, delivered and awarded by The UK Wildlife Film School and leads to an award on the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework. It has been credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University, but is not an Edinburgh Napier University course / award.
The ´SCQF´ Logo is used with permission from Pauline Sutton, Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework.
The ´EQF´ Logo is used with permission from Pauline Sutton, Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework.

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